Founded in 1994 by Salah MIŞRAKLI FİDANLI NATION. STONE. TIC. LTD. LTD. international transport services under a corporate structure offers.
   We FİDANLI ULUS.TAŞ.TİC.LTD.ŞTİ team: we call continuous change and continuous improvement.

    For this reason, we prefer to be in constant effort and activity. Our principle is "learning the boundaries" is. For our services by applying modern technologies, "contemporary" service level, we aim.

  • Keep in mind customer satisfaction in all our activities and in line with national and internationally accepted standards of value and provide products and services,

  • Spread the awareness of all personnel quality, training to improve their knowledge and skills, to adopt the principle of team work and thus contribute to the continuous improvement activities to ensure

  • In today's requirements with the quality, efficiency and on-time delivery requirements and reduce costs by performing at every stage to avoid customer complaints,

  • Customer in accordance with the above principles and ensure the continuity of the personnel of our company's confidence in our company Quality Policy

Quality Policy

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